Caulk does a lot in keeping your space waterproof and airtight. It is easy to handle and reaches crooks and crannies like no other sealant. However, a sloppy application will most likely resort to beads of caulk in unwanted places.

Bricks are beautiful; they help boost the aesthetics of any wall. Now, imagine having these unsightly beads of caulk on your beautiful wall. You could be installing a new window, and some of the caulk smears into the wall.

The good news is that caulk is easy to correct. You can easily remove it with a few tools and in a short time. Here are some tips for you:

Tools you Need:

  • A heat gun
  • A putty knife and a utility knife
  • Denatured alcohol
  • A sponge
  • Some warm water

How Use a Heat Gun to Remove Caulk from Brick

  • Heat the gun in a power source
  • Move the heat gun along the bead of caulk you want to remove. Make sure the gun and bead are not in contact. Maintain a minimum distance of 6 inches between the two.
  • Move the gun back and forth until the caulk is warm and pliable
  • Using the putty knife, scrape around the edges of the bead. Make sure to remove as much of the caulk as possible
  • Using your utility knife, go back and remove the caulk in the problematic sections of the brick
  • When you have removed as much caulk as possible, go back with warm water and the sponge.
  • Keep cleaning the sponge to avoid smearing the caulk on the brick

Clean the Bricks with Denatured Alcohol

You have to wash the brick down after removing the caulk from the block using your utility and putty knife. Using denatured alcohol, in this case, isopropyl alcohol cleans the brick kills mildew and bacteria.

If you have any contaminants trapped by the caulk, the alcohol sterilizes it as well. However, be careful when handling this colorless liquid. It is highly flammable. Also, avoid using it in an enclosed space with no proper ventilation.

Follow the same steps used when cleaning the brick with warm water. Rinse the sponge as much as possible to avoid creating an even bigger mess.

Useful Tips

Removing caulk from brick is simple. You have already seen that. However, you can take less time working on the mess by heating the bead of caulk, a small section at a time. This is particularly useful when removing a large stretch of caulk on your bricks.

Also, these products are not skin-friendly. So, make sure you always wear eye protection when working with heat, alcohol, and caulk.

Use gloves. Remember, you are handling the heat. Therefore, some thick gloves are a must-have in your toolbox.

Final Thoughts

Caulk is an excellent protection measure against water and air leaks. It is common for sealing windows. However, when a drop of caulk falls on the wrong spot, it can cause a distasteful appearance. You can handle that with readily available tools. Alternatively, you can use chemicals in the market meant to wash away caulk.

The tips given above will help you clean up your brick wall with minimal expense and time.