As you plan to apply new caulk around your shower, you must first eliminate the old one. Although it might seem an easy task, you must do it right since the new caulk will not stick well when the old one is not properly removed. You can remove caulk from your shoe through several methods, but the best way is by a combination of manual tools and chemical caulk remover. However, you must always ensure you use plastic tools, whichever method you choose to ensure you do not scratch or mar the surface you want to fix. Here are some easy tips to guide you on how to remove caulking from a shower.

What You Will Need

You will need a plastic putty knife and a razor scraper or a caulk removal tool as the equipment for your task. You will also need clothes, rubbing alcohol, and chemical caulk remover to efficiently remove the caulk from your shower.

Applying the Chemical Caulk Remover

A chemical caulk remover is one of the easiest ways to remove caulk from your shower. Ensure you squeeze the chemical onto the old caulk bead to cover it completely. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to allow the caulk remover to sit on the caulk for effective results. In most cases, you should allow the product to settle overnight to get better results.

Scrapping Away

Once you are convinced that the caulk remover has settled well on the old caulk, it is time to scrape off the caulk. You can peel the caulk in strips and use a plastic putty knife or your preferred tool to scrap off the old material. Peel off as you scrap and thoroughly inspect the repair area to notice any residual material. You can use a razor scraper or another caulk removal tool to clear any remaining old caulk at this point.

Cleaning the Surface

After you have cleared all the old caulk material, it is time to clean the surface of your shower. You can use rubbing alcohol for thorough cleaning and moisten it with a clean cloth. Ensure the surface is perfectly clean before you can apply new caulk. Also, allow the surface to completely dry out before applying new material.

Use a Caulk Removal Tool

When you do not want to go the chemical way, you can still remove the caulk from your shower through nonchemical methods alone. You can use caulk removal tools that come in kits to remove and also apply and smooth new caulk. But remember to choose tools made of plastic or are polished steel to avoid scratching your shower surface. The tools have angles and blades specially designed to scrap caulk out of corners and narrow crevices. You can use these tools alone or use them after applying a chemical remover.

Get a Razor Scrapper

This is another tool you can use when going the old-fashioned way. The trick to effectively remove caulk from your shower using a razor scraper is using a very sharp blade and ensuring it lies flat on the surface to avoid scratching. This method is ideal when removing thin smears of the old caulk.

Removing caulk from your shower should not be a big deal now that you know what you need and how to do it. You only have to decide if you want to go the chemical or non-chemical ways.