Caulking for Bathrooms & Kitchens 


If you are experiencing moisture damage, mould or pest issues, you should probably consider caulking for bathrooms and kitchens.

Often bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and powder rooms experience gaps in the corners or edges resulting in water getting inside and creating serious damage. Areas with high levels of moisture such as bathrooms and laundries are particularly preferred areas for mould and pests. If left untreated, soon enough you are not only faced with damages to your home, but also thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Caulking allows for sealing the gaps that are found on the floor, tiles, pipes, window frames and other places. The caulking gun is used to precisely fill in the gaps in the right places and prevent any moisture and water to go through.

Additionally, caulking can also seal the gaps around sinks, baths and showers inside the bathrooms to make it waterproof and prevent the water to seep through the walls. Our experienced team will remove any pre-existing caulk from areas that need refilling to ensure each gap is appropriately sealed.