Window Caulking

Window caulking is essential for keeping your home comfortable and reduce any potential damages.

One of the more obvious benefits of window caulking is to keep bugs and insects away from your house. This may not seem like a serious concern for some, but in the summer months this will prove to be life saving

Additionally, window caulking serves great aesthetic purposes and prevents your home from looking unfinished and inconsistent.

Lastly, it allows for more consistent temperature control in your house by keeping heat in during winter and heat out in the summer.

Factors to Consider

Window caulking seems to be a simple job that can be easily DIY-ed with a help of a YouTube tutorial. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it looks. There are many factors to consider to ensure window caulking is done correctly to avoid ruining your windows and causing damage to your home.

These can include the type of windows, presence of weep holes, exterior vs. interior window caulking, caulk type etc.

For example, not recognising the presence of weep holes can create more damage than good. Weep holes are there to allow the moisture behind the windows to exit. However, caulking weep holes will clog this process and result in your windows rotting and growing mouldy.

To avoid causing more damage, it is essential that window caulking is done correctly with experienced professionals.