Concrete Caulking

Cracks and gaps in concrete are not just an issue with appearance and aesthetics. They allow water to get into the joints, freeze, expand and make the cracking even worse.

Concrete cracks can form due to many various reasons, with one being concrete sewing. Concrete sewing involves cutting into the concrete to access water pipes and utility lines, or as part of renovation and construction process. The left result is a gap in the concrete surface that if left untreated, can lead to some major damage to your concrete.

The main enemy of concrete gaps is water. In the long run, excess water can get in and cause cracks to expand and grow larger or allow weeds to grow.

Concrete caulking is a simple process that fills in these cracks and prevents excess water from getting in. It is also easy to remove, should you require further access in the future. Additionally, the material used for concrete caulking is highly flexible, which in turn allows concrete slabs to freely expand and contract during temperate changes.

If you are currently experiencing cracking in your concrete, do not wait until the issue worsens and causes more damage. Our concrete caulking services can provide you with a quick and easy solution that will make your concrete to last for much longer.