Caulking of Brick Expansion Joints

Caulking of expansion joints is essential to prevent brick joints from breaking and cracking. Expansion joints can be both horizontal or vertical and are often caused by temperature changes, expansion due to moisture, settling and creep elastic deformation.

To maintain the structural integrity of bricks and avoid damage, the joints must be filled with sealing materials such as caulk.

However, these do not last a lifetime and it is important to keep track of the condition of your walls and floors. If your brick walls or floors start showing the signs of cracking, you must seal the gaps as soon as possible. Further exposure to external elements such as water and air will result in serious damages from inside out.

Professional vs DIY Caulking

There are plenty of videos and articles around showing how to caulk brick expansion joints yourself. However, unless you are a professional, choosing the right caulk and ensuring the appropriate application can be challenging. Additionally, choosing the wrong material can result in further expansion and worsen cracking on other parts. Improper filling can also cause further damage to your home.

Professionals know how to correctly complete caulking of expansion joins and ensure your home structure is secure and damage free.