Exterior Caulking

Exterior caulking is essential in protecting your house from excess moisture, air leaks and drastic temperature changes. Additionally, this can also assist your home in becoming more energy efficient, reduce utility costs and decrease your household carbon footprint.

Many tiny gaps and cracks that you might be seeing around you house seem insignificant at first, until they quickly transform into bigger concerns. Water damage, mould, pests are all issues that can be easily prevented with appropriate exterior caulking and save you unnecessary costs.

Unlike interior caulking, exterior caulking requires further attention. It has to withstand different weather conditions and be strong enough to protect your home from external factors.

Choosing the right caulk material is also essential. Window sealing, doors, roofs etc. all require different types of caulk material to seal it successfully. Additionally, not every caulk can last in extreme temperatures and varies depending on the material. For example, some caulks will not be suitable for hot climates, whereas others would fall apart in the cold.

This is why, it is important you try avoiding completing exterior caulking yourself. It can be difficult to take all of these factors into an account and ensure appropriate caulking. In some situations, this might even lead to causing more damage than good.